Transforming Lives..So they Exceed their Potential & Fall In Love with their Purpose

We share a belief in young people  their capabilities and the possibilities for their growth and development with us. We work hard in helping them develop not just as individuals, but also as a group and going further we constantly reinforce the belief that they, as a group, have a duty and responsibility to the community around them. This belief is echoed within all the work we do.

We instil a sense of pride in the young people and this is the foundation of our work, our True Ethos.

We help them to rise to the challenges their life puts in front of them and we teach them a new way to react to the difficulties they face. We Free their minds and channel their internal fight into something positive, using all the Elements of Hip hop and Mentoring as a tool to Empower them and build their Aspirations, giving them Hope!

We improve their Health & Well-being , on many occasions, preventing the exclusion of young people on the Edge of Society, unlocking their individual potential, challenging and changing stereotypical perceptions. All our workers feel most fulfilled, when they ensure that these young people, no matter their background, have the chance to be the Best they can be, doing something they Love. We have found the young people just want to feel Engaged and Valued, and be supported to make a difference and in some cases make tomorrows better than today. We give them the Tools and Life skills to make this a reality. We know Knowledge is something you should share, so we “Teach to Teach”, Mentor, and give them opportunities so they feel empowered to shape their own future’s.

There have been many Positive transformations and outcomes for the young people we have worked with from building their aspirations and self-belief, to encouraging them to turn their passions in life  into a profession, giving Hope to those who openly felt disconnected from their Dreams. Many are now in Training-Employment – Further Education-Professional Dancers -Professional Dance Teachers and All of them giving back to their Communities!

Street Factory can help to Transform lives by devising sessions-programmes around any issue you feel your young people are facing such as:

Bullying/Racism/Inclusion/Self esteem/Manners & Morals/One to one Mentoring/Challenging Behaviour/Equality & Diversity ! We can then use Grafitti- Rappin- All styles of Hip Hop Dance-Spoken word, to create a piece of Hip HopTheatre which explore’s the issues and then showcasing their work back to their peers and family, giving them a Voice!