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Celebrating 10 brilliant years; two contrasting worlds meet at the Street Factory HipHop Ball on Thursday 12th October 2017

The urbanity of HipHop elements will be combined with the traditional ball culture and turned into an exceptional evening of brilliance.

This extraordinary HipHop Ball marks the special 10th anniversary of Street Factory CIC; a community interest company that has shaped the landscape in which young people, communities and organisation come together in Britain’s Ocean City.

This unique but harmonious twining between the two cultural worlds, Classic Ball vs. HipHop, will be a spectacular experience for guests. This evening itself is inspired by a truth and integrity held so dear by Street Factory, that “ We Share a belief in young people, their capabilities and the possibilities for their growth and development with us, working hard in helping them develop not just as individuals, but also as a group and going further we constantly reinforce the belief that they, as a group, have a duty and responsibility to the community around them. This belief is echoed within all the work we do” and will be celebrated in this truly unique ball and celebration.

HipHop combines urban style with music, and threaded throughout their HipHop Ball you can expect the unexpected! Combining the traditional culture of the ‘Classic Ball’; a sensational three course meal, live entertainment and of course glamour, but then fused effortlessly with Street Factory’s distinct style, passion and ethos.

The choice of venue for a ten year milestone had to be special, and Plymouth’s largest independent, family owned New Continental Hotel could be a no more fitting a place for this very special evening.

This will be a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the work of Street Factory over the last 10 years as well as looking to the future while they share plans for what comes next; what’s more a splendid tribute to the 10 amazing years that Toby & Jo Gorniak have channelled their resources, experience and passion into creating opportunities for the entire community. Applying their entrepreneurial mind set has led to an organisation that is seen as one of the most successful of its kind in the UK.

So please, join us for the celebration like no other!

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